Jenna Hanson
7880 Martin Road
Honeoye Falls, NY 14472

(585)  624 - 4222

Critical Reading: 610 Math: 720 Writing: 610

From head coach Bernie Gardner:

I would like to introduce you to Jenna Hanson. Jenna has been a student-athlete of mine here at Honeoye Falls-Lima sine sixth grade, and I know her better than anyone outside of her parents.

From our long collaboration in Cross Country Running, Nordic Skiing, and Track & Field, I have witnessed many of Jenna's attributes that I know will make her a valuable collegiate athlete.

First and foremost, Jenna lives the athletic life.

By that I mean she doesn't become an "athlete" for a specific race or season, only to regress back into a "normal" teenage lifestyle. I see this type of yo-yoing from many students and their natural inclination towards unproductive behavior is always their downfall.

Jenna, however, lives the athletic life all the time.

She has a good nutritional sense and makes intelligent choices on that front, and she appreciates the value of sleep. Jenna is also dedicated to a well-rounded strength program and has been doing that religiously for the last three years. Most importantly, Jenna can say "no" to her friends when social activities conflict with athletic opportunities. In short, what Jenna does outside of practice enhances what she does in practice.

As you well know, this trait is a rare one.

Another plus for Jenna is that she can handle a wide variety of training stresses. As I said, she has experience in weight lifting and strength training. In addition, Jenna is used to an assortment of activities to improve her overall fitness such as running, hill bounding with ski poles, roller skiing, biking, Nordic skiing, swimming, and on top of all that, Jenna does the Steeplechase in Track & Field. The stamina and coordination that the Steeplechase requires sums up Jenna's athletic ability perfectly.

From those diverse training experiences - I know Jenna can adapt to whatever your program entails. She is ready for the next level.

As we both know, however, training is only one part of the equation... the biggest question? "Is Jenna Hanson a racer?"

The answer is "yes". Jenna has had championship experiences in Cross Country Running, Nordic Skiing and Track & Field. Each sport has prepared her for the next. Not all her championships have gone as well as she would have liked - she has been knocked down. Yet each time, she has gotten up, and gotten better from the experience. Frankly, I would say that is what really makes Jenna Hanson so valuable; she is a fighter.

She has fought back from a broken neck that threatened more than her sports career, and she has fought back from the disappointment of missing Nordic Skiing States due to that injury to place fourth in the state the very next season. Jenna knows nothing is given to you in athletics; you must earn your own way. Jenna has that fighting spirit that all coaches love.

Finally, Jenna Hanson has time on her side.

Jenna is one of the youngest in her grade, and as such, she is still growing and getting better every day. While some high school athletes have reached their peak and are headed down, Jenna is still on the way up. As good as she is, her college years are going to be her coronation. I am positive that when her body's maturity catches up with her attitude, work ethic and competitiveness, she is going to be a break out star.

I urge you to get to know her, and see for yourself.

From guidance counselor Andy Fleming:

Jenna is hardworking, intelligent, compassionate, a leader, and she is dedicated to her academics, athletics, and community. She adds great value to the classroom and her school community with her natural intellect and most importantly her hard work ethic. Jenna is a person that everyone wants to be around because she is willing to share her experiences and talent with everyone she meets.

From Youth Group Director Mimi Youngman:

I have known Jenna for many years. She was just about 4 years old when she joined our Religious Education program at Spiritus Christi. As the Director of the program, I had the opportunity to watch Jenna grow from a sweet, charming little girl to a self confident, self-motivated, beautiful young woman.

Jenna has been involved in many church activities. As a child she attended weekly religious education programs and participated in many different service projects, from visiting nursing homes, to singing in our children’s choir, participating in our Christmas Nativity plays to collecting food for our homeless shelter to acting in our family liturgy skits. Jenna has always been an enthusiastic, fun loving participant.

As Jenna entered Jr. High she stepped up her volunteerism. She continues to volunteer weekly on Sunday mornings as a teacher assistant in our weekly religious program and has done that for the last 6 years. She began working with a kindergarten class and has stayed with the same class for the last 3 years, they are now 2nd graders getting ready to make their 1st Communion. Jenna has been extremely reliable and dependable. She works well with the children as well as adults. She is very intuitive to the needs of the children she works with. She has a great skill of knowing just what to do to keep the children interested and engaged. She loves them and they just love Jenna, she is their friend, their teacher, and their role model. It has been such a pleasure to watch her work in action. She has also worked as a volunteer in our Vacation Bible School program as support staff helping to create creative and exciting bible exploration opportunities for our little ones. Jenna continues to be an exemplar volunteer in both these on going programs.

Following her weekly commitment as a volunteer in our Religious Education program on Sunday mornings Jenna regularly our Senior High Youth Group. She actively participates in our Summer Youth Mission helping the poor and less fortunate in different cities in the Northeast. Working with children in refuge programs, feeding the hungry at homeless shelters, cleaning up, and building playgrounds. She works well with her peers and exceptionally well with the adults leading the program. Jenna has great insight, wisdom and is a natural leader in the senior high youth group.

Jenna is also an active participant in many school clubs and activities as well. She is a very hard worker; she strives to do her best at whatever task she is given.

She is an excellent student and takes her studies seriously. Jenna wants to be successful. She is trustworthy and follows through on her commitments. Her spirit just lights up the room. She is a good friend and her family is very important to her. She is an all around good person, a strong young woman with a giving heart and a lot of integrity.