In October of 2010, Jenna broke her neck on a trampoline. While doctors were asking if she would ever walk again, Jenna was asking when she was going to ski again. Jenna was in traction and then her neck was completely immobilized for 12 weeks. Jenna's conditioning and determination were key factors in her recovery. During the entire treatment, Jenna was focused on only one thing - getting better. Despite the fact that most injuries of her nature typically result in paralyzation, Jenna was able to get on skis by mid-January.

Although she was inelegibible to race on the Nordic Ski team for Honeoye Falls, Jenna was able to compete in the Empire State Games, a prestigious competition that mimicks the Olympics. Jenna took first place.
This amazing story was chronicled in a mini-documentary, and Jenna was a finalist in a national competition to determine the Ultimate Girl Athlete (overcoming obstacles). Her story - voted on by people all over the world - was the winning one. The Jenna Hanson Experience aggregates all the media attention and showcases her remarkable story.